Getting Rid of Fleas In The Yard

The trickiest location for getting rid of fleas is in the yard. This is due to the vastness of area in many yards and the lack of barriers. A typical yard can easily cover a few thousand square feet. So how do you know where to look for fleas? They prefer and tend to thrive in moist, shady, warm areas. Direct sunlight can dry up and kill flea eggs and flea larvae, so the adult fleas will tend to migrate to an area with more ideal conditions before they lay eggs. Areas like this just happen to be where your pet is likely to hang out on a warm summer day. Concentrate on areas that are shaded for most of the day. Look under trees, under porches, under decks, under shrubbery and directly next to buildings especially on the side that doesn’t typically face the sun. Although you can treat your entire yard, it is these areas that you should pay special attention to.

Flea Sprays for The Yard

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If you wish to kill those pesky fleas with a chemical shower, you can either hire professionals to do it or purchase some type of flea yard spray and do it yourself. Beware, if you hire professionals they could show up at your home wearing jumpsuits (as shown in the picture) and you might think they’re coming to take E.T. Never fear, if you put E.T. in the basket on your bike handle bars, you’ll be able to fly! Seriously though, the professionals take their jobs seriously and use every bit of precaution. If money is not an issue, hire the work done. In most cases, they will guarantee the removal of fleas.

If money is an issue, you will want to purchase your own flea spray. Most products you find will be labeled as Flea & Tick Killer. This is good, because you don’t want ticks attacking your pets (or you) either. There are several flea and tick yard sprays available to purchase. Many of these are bottles that connect to your garden hose and have a spray nozzle on the top. These are fairly inexpensive, easy to use and pretty effective at killing fleas, ticks and many other insects.

How To Get Rid of Fleas in The Yard Naturally

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product that kills fleas (and all other insects) by puncturing their exoskeleton and draining their body fluids. You may have already heard about, or even purchased this product, for getting rid of fleas in the house. This exact same product is also effective for use outdoors. If you have a sizeable yard, obviously you wouldn’t want to take the time to spread this powder over your entire yard. Concentrate only on shaded areas as described above. Watch the video below for a great visual and explanation on how to use this in the yard to kill fleas. If it rains before your flea removal/killing process is complete, you may have to re-apply. Diatomaceous Earth is widely available in a variety of forms and at a variety of costs. This is one of my favorite products for combating fleas because it is natural, effective indoors and outdoors, as well as beneficial for human consumption!


Other tips for getting rid of fleas in the yard naturally include using cedar wood chips and eucalyptus leaves. These will not kill fleas, but they are both known as deterrents because fleas cannot stand their scents. By strategically placing one or both of these in the locations described above, you will make known to the fleas that they are not welcome. Another tip includes placing cedar wood chips along fence lines in order to deter fleas from entering your yard from your neighbors yard. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to place cedar chips around the perimeter of your house as well to deter any fleas that may be in your yard from entering your house.


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